ikan Superfly EV2 Handheld Rig

Discount ikan Superfly EV2 Handheld Rig

  • The adjustable small baseplate provides height as well as side-to-side camera position adjustment, making it great for offset shots. It’s adaptable to just about any conceivable shooting need
  • The integrated tripod mounting plate will accept typical industry standard quick release plates or larger size wedge style plates. Equipped with new enhanced adjustable tension knobs the end-user can rely on the baseplate to fully secure the camcorder mounted on it
  • The Superfly EV2 is devised to cater to the video professional’s unique needs. Its competent structure enables the end user to easily stack components like a matte box, friction follow focus and lens support, amongst many accessories

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The ikan Superfly EV2 Handheld Rig is quick and easy to assemble/disassemble so you can focus on the task at hand. The Superfly EV2 is the perfect tool to stabilize shots in any environment. The adjustable small base plate adds needed versatility assisting the video professional in delivering quality shots every time. New adjustable tension knobs make it effortless to adjust the small base plate to suit the end-users’ needs.The Superfly EV2 is equipped with new (200 mm) heavy-duty grips and a 12″ rod system ideal for adding a lens support, follow focus, matte box and other accessories needed in the filed.

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ikan Superfly EV2 Handheld Rig