Anal Lube Original Formula, 6 fl. oz.

Have problems gliding into that tight bunghole? Well try some anal lube. It’s a great water based product that will help make any hole more inviting. Long lasting slipperiness that never gets sticky. Non-staining, water-based anal lube that’s easy to clean up. Proudly made in the USA to meet strict health regulation. Handy 6 fl.oz., (177 ml) bottle.
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BedbugLogic Protection & Treatment Spray – Non-Toxic – Bed Bug Spray – 24 oz.

Our non-toxic BedbugLogic spray has been clinically proven to destroy bed bugs on contact. BedbugLogic uses natural, biodegradable enzymes to safely destroy bedbugs and leaves no harmful residue to humans. A non-toxic, FIFRA 25b EPA exempt enzyme treatment for Bedbugs. Not a pesticide or insecticide.
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